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2021 Year-End Wrap!

In this episode, Rachel discussed:

  • The massive changes that happened in her life after her first marriage ended

  • Reflecting on where she was 10 years ago

  • She shares her journey and struggles that happened in her life and how she can cope up in those situations

  • “Facing changes, transitions, period of loss, and fear, there’s always something on the other side of that.” -Rachel

  • “Choices reflect your hope and not your fears” -Rachel

  • She works with a lot of women who got divorced and help them to get through it with grace and dignity

  • She also shares her realizations in life.

  • And as part of making changes in her life, she is going to try one physical goal which is walking 1 mile a day. And she will be glad if we join her on this journey called #OneSparkChallenge (Whatever your mile is, is whatever it is.

For her next podcast episodes, she will be talking about strength, and help us realize that we are created for SOMETHING.

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