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Your Top 5 Strengths can Lead You to Success

In today’s episode, Rachel talks about StrengthsFinder, a personal development tool developed by Gallup Education. We all know that our strengths play a big role in our everyday life. They have a very large influence on the way we think and how we approach problems. So, in this episode, Rachel talks about this tool, and how, when properly assessed, our strengths may be leveraged at different stages in our lives.

So, tune in as Rachel shares her Top 5 Strengths based on this tool. We will be able to know about our strengths that tell our patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Knowing our strengths and investing time in practicing and developing them are the main ingredients in how we will succeed.

  • "I like to talk to strangers, to talk with other people and put a smile on their faces"

  • "My job is to talk to people and make people at ease, and it was perfect!"

  • "I like to push others for excellence and see so much potential for people"

  • “You are here to serve a purpose”

  • “Strengths help us decide how we can work smarter not harder”

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